Changing the world of cancer

There is room for innovation and efficiency to accelerate cancer research. That’s why Kathy Giusti believes in transforming how new treatments are developed across all cancers. By putting patients at the center of everything.

As Co-Chair at the Harvard Business School Kraft Precision Medicine Accelerator, Kathy is working with disruptive leaders across the cancer ecosystem to revolutionize and accelerate business models in precision medicine.

As Founder and Chief Mission Officer of the Multiple Myeloma Research Foundation (MMRF) and a patient herself, Kathy knows firsthand how to bring a community together to drive toward cures. It was there, at the MMRF, that Kathy first drew on her extensive experience in the pharmaceutical industry to build collaborative models and aligned incentives, always with a focus on the patient.

Kathy also participates as a member in several Advisory Boards and/or Committees:

Biden Cancer Initiative Advisory Committee

Verily Advisory Board

Faster Cures Host Committee – Boston

PMWC International Advisory Board

Faster Cures Advisory Board

President Obama Precision Medicine Initiative Working Group/OSTP

Alexandria Summit Working Group

Biden Moonshot

NIH Blue Ribbon Panel on Clinical Trials Working Group

Working Group on Return of Results (ROR) NIH

Genentech/Roche Advisory Board

Faster Cures Non-Profit Council