Kathy Giusti and her identical twin sister Karen Andrews founded the Multiple Myeloma Research Foundation (MMRF) in 1998 soon after Kathy was diagnosed with multiple myeloma, a rare and incurable cancer. Today, Kathy serves as Executive Chairman of the Board of life Directors for the MMRF.

With limited research funding, no effective treatments, and few clinical trials in the pipeline when Kathy founded the MMRF, patients’ expectancy was just three years. The very system meant to deliver promising innovations was broken, with individuals and companies alike working in isolation, holding on to data, and sitting on discoveries. Kathy knew that progress in this environment would require a bold, new model for medical research—one that would disrupt the competitive culture, foster collaboration, and leverage the collective power of the entire community.

Founded with the same business principles—speed, innovation, and results—Kathy and Karen embraced at the Fortune 500 companies where they had risen through the ranks, the MMRF has had a transformative effect from the start. Its laser-focus on building collaborative research models has quickened the pace of scientific inquiry, helped bring patients the lifesaving treatments they desperately needed in record speed, and dramatically extended patients’ survival. 

It now stands as a new paradigm for other research groups seeking to catalyze progress in other cancers and rare diseases. Learn more about the MMRF.